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Owner Dan Venturella originally established Eurasian Auto Repair as Elan Motorsport on May 5, 1981 at 4881 North Broadway in Boulder. I chose the name Elan because to me it relayed what I feel about cars.

Auto Repair Boulder “Elan: vigorous spirit typified by verve, poise and liveliness of the imagination.”

I chose “For the motoring enthusiast,” as our slogan because I am an enthusiast and enjoy mechanizing to the depth of my soul. It is what I enjoy most.

Recently, we have changed our name to Eurasian Auto Repair to reflect our renewed focus, though the spirit of the original name lives on.

Early in the year of 1981 I was working as the head BMW tech at Gebhardt BMW. Confounded by dealership antics, I decided that I could do it better, with less politics, more customer service, better prices, and a wider availing of my abilities.

Through the years I have received training, beginning at trade school. I later worked for Arnold Brothers Ford in Boulder where I received Ford factory training. I went on to work on a pit crew for a professional formula car team for three years, where I picked up many insights into the art and fabrication and maintenance of race cars. It was here that I found inspiration to go beyond parts replacementĀ  to the actual understanding of mechanics and its applications.

Also at that time I received my ASE master tech certification. It was after this experience that I went to work for the local BMW dealer, receiving a Shulenpass and accreditation for factory repairs. After three years at the dealer, I began Elan Motorsport.

Times have changed sinceĀ Elan Motorsport’s inception. North Boulder has grown. We have a street sign, we are in the city limits now, and some of the old landmarks are gone, but new ones are arising. Cars no longer have carburetors or even distributors — they have computers and fuel injection and sensors galore. Maintenance schedules have lengthened, car have fundamentally gotten better with fewer oil leaks. Why, even light bulbs have gotten brighter and last longer. What’s next? Hydrogen? We don’t know but we will continue to pursue the best training and the best equipment to produce a value for you our valued customers.

Eurasian Auto Repair has changed with the times. We have stayed as current as can be found with computers and interfaces and the necessary software for diagnosis and repair. But even more important than equipment are our technicians who interpret the information. Here at Eurasian Auto Repair we are proud of our technicians’ ability to diagnosis with integrity car problems. We accomplish this not by guessing but by relying on our years of experience to understand the way computers interact with the mechanics of the car.

Dan Venturella



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Eurasian Auto Repair
4881 Broadway St Boulder, CO 80304
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