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Auto Repair Boulder >> Boulder Mechanic In 2008, we installed a 10 kilowatt solar system at Elan Motorsport, an automotive repair facility in North Boulder, as a banner sized statement for doing the right thing.

Dear Valued Customers,

Our Boulder Mechanic at Eurasian Auto Repair (formerly Elan Motorsport) believes in an incentive approach to conservation; both for the environment and for our clients. I think you will agree as you consider the next generation, as we live our turn on our planet. Conservation efforts may not show immediate results, but it is about the next generation. Conservation is unselfish but also very smart.

boulder mechanic At Eurasian Auto Repair, our Boulder Mechanic believes energy efficiency works because we are enticed by saving the planet, saving money, and producing a better environment. Therefore we are offering an incentive to our customers as well as protecting the environment for future generations. While continuing to attend to your car’s maintenance needs, we will produce the majority of our energy consumption in house. Eurasian Auto Repair recycles all used oil, antifreeze, metals, refrigerants, cardboard, paper, and plastics. We also make a concerted effort to buy our products in bulk so as not to waste containers. As always we are here for you the customer, and your needs come first.

Our desire is to produce efficient running cars that are already on the road, reducing the need to purchase new vehicles. This further reduces waste and brings affordable conservation to you in a convenient and friendly way as an added incentive.

Enthusiasm is the trademark of Eurasian Auto Repair. What we have done for years is now paying off in a bigger way. Thanks to the people at BELLA Energy we were able to take advantage of Xcel Energy’s rebate program (a future federal tax credit and additional depreciation), not to mention the asset of $80,000 in future years.

This all allows a reduction in prices for you, the customer, so it makes good sense for everyone involved to take advantage of this offer. BELLA Energy was a pleasure to work with. They were on time, generous with their information, and most important they did a great job.

Thank you all for your loyalty and support.

Dan Venturella for Eurasian Auto Repair (formerly Elan Motorsport)

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