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Eurasian Auto Repair in Boulder can diagnose and repair any car fuel system problem your vehicle is experiencing. We are the best and most honest car repair shop in Boulder and specialize in foreign cars. The most common problem in car fuel systems is a clogged fuel filter. If your vehicle is sputtering at high speeds or the engine won’t start at all, then your fuel filter is most likely clogged. The 2nd most common issue is the fuel pump failing. Our mechanics will check if the relay sending power to the pump is operating correctly or not. The 3rd most common problem with car fuel systems is dirty injectors. Over a certain period, deposits and tiny particles get stuck in the injectors and inhibit them from delivering the fuel the engine needs.

Air, fuel, and spark, are the three components to the running of internal combustion engines. The fuel system is crucial to storing and delivering the gasoline your engine needs to run. Your fuel tank is a holding tank for your gas. Newer cars have the fuel pump installed in the fuel tank as opposed to being attached to the engine or between the engine and the tank on the frame rail. Clean fuel is crucial to engine life and performance. By filtering your gas, your fuel injector and carburetor won’t clog as quickly. The fuel injector is a tiny electric valve that opens and closes with the help of an electrical signal. Carburetors take the fuel and mix it with air without computer intervention. They need frequent tuning and rebuilding hence why most new cars have fuel injectors instead of carburetors. Remember, the purpose of the car fuel system is to supply fuel to the engine and to store it. The gas mixes with air, then is atomized, and finally vaporized in the engine intake system. It will produce energy or power after being compressed and ignited in the engine cylinder.

Fuel systems vary from engine to engine, but all must supply fuel to the combustion chamber, and all must control the amount of fuel supplied in relation to the quantity of air. Our technicians are experts in fixing fuel systems. Call us today, we are ready to help you with all of your car repairs.

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